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YUMA believes that a proper technology infrastructure is an essential part of your business and its success. We offer a comprehensive range of IT services to plan for, implement, support & maintain that infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Everyone is talking about cloud computing. What is it? Let YUMA break it down for you and evaluate your needs to determine if moving your systems to the cloud is right for your business.


YUMA works with management and staff to understand your business, and then analyze and report how technology can improve the way you do business. Learn more…

Custom Software Development

YUMA can develop custom applications when an off-the-shelf product just won’t do. Or we can build a middleware component that bridges the gap between what you have and what you need.

Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

Successfully backing up your data is the difference between a disaster and disaster recovery. YUMA understands the importance of having a plan as well as processes & policies in place to prevent data loss in the first place and then to be able to recover from it should loss occur.

Help Desk & User Support

We provide first line, single point of contact technical support. Problems are resolved quickly and effectively. Evening, week-end and even 24/7 support options are available.

Network Design, Installation & Maintenance

YUMA can design, build and implement a new network or build onto your existing system to deliver better performance. We can also connect telecommuters who work at home and road warriors who need access to central resources like a company’s network while traveling.

Network Security

YUMA takes precautions to ensure your network is protected from unauthorized access. We safeguard your system with top-of-the-line firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to maintain your privacy and the integrity of your system.

Phone Systems

Let us implement a VoIP solution for you that will not only provide basic phone functionality. Our phone systems can integrate communication tasks such as video conferencing, IM, mobility and online collaboration into one system, helping you boost productivity and reduce costs.

Website Development and Email Marketing