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What We Do

What We Do

We love technology

Today, businesses need to do more with less. Small and medium-size businesses, even many larger organizations, don’t have the resources or the workload to support full-time in-house IT departments. Others are not satisfied with the level of service or knowledge from their current IT providers. For these companies, and yours, our comprehensive IT outsource services are a smart alternative or addition to your own in-house IT capabilities.

IT Support When You Need It

(Hourly Rates & Project Rates)

YUMA’s outsourced, hourly and project support approach provides your business with IT services when you need it. Pay for the services you use, when you use it, as you go.

We offer three options: a flat, hourly rate; a prepaid block of hours of support; or a project specific rate.

The prepaid block of hours is offered at a discounted rate and may be used over any length of time. As we deal with IT issues, we track the time worked and deduct it from your block.

For particular projects, we can offer a fixed-price project rate. We bear the risk of cost overruns while you benefit from a specific number that you can budget for. We provide a detailed outline of the project scope, the tasks involved and a timeline.


Outsourced IT for Your In-House Needs

(Contract Rate)

If you prefer to have an IT resource in your office on a set schedule or regular basis, YUMA offers the outsourced version of an in-house IT department.

For a flat, monthly rate your business takes advantage of an in-house resource without the worries of in-house employee(s) management. That means no sick days; no downtime for vacations and other leaves of absences. The fully outsourced option also gives you access to the vast resources, capabilities and expertise of a full team of technicians.

Supplement Your Existing IT Resources

(Hourly, Contract & Project Rates)

For businesses with in-house IT resource(s), our expertise immediately broadens your in-house capabilities. YUMA can provide IT support during leaves of absences (sick days, vacation); assist with larger projects; and even provide leadership and/or support for your more complex IT projects. Hourly, contract & project specific rates are available.